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Blind Justice shows her boobie in public so why can't American women do the same?

Welcome to Free USA!

We are a group devoted to naked breast equality in America. Currently, women are not permitted the same rights to bare breasts as men in the public arena. We advocate that if a man is permitted to go topless then women too should be allowed equality to be topless. Yes, we mean this would allow women to express and do the following:

  • Be topless at beaches and lakes the same as men

  • Be topless at sporting events, paint themselves in a team color & cheer the same as men

  • Be topless during athletic competition the same as men since women get hot too. We want the option of skins vs. shirts.

The current attitude in society causes women to deny their bodies. We think at Free USA Boobies that there should be no shame as men feel no shame in going topless. If the idea of women being topless in a public place is deemed improper then equal prohibitions should be placed on men.

It is not too long in our recent history that women were not permitted to wear their hair short, or wear pants without being denied in public places since their appearance was considered indecent. We consider women having equal naked rights to be the latest version of pantsuit discrimination. 



Women's Equality Day 08/26/08


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